Phone Directory

Main Phone Number: 276.236.8181 • Toll Free: 800.295.3342

For urgent medical matters, please call 911, visit the Emergency Department or call your doctor's office.  

For non-urgent medical matters, please visit Twin County Physician Practices Patient Portal or Twin County Regional Hospital Patient Portal

For information on our medical staff, please visit Find a Doctor or call 276.236.TCRH (8274) or 1.800.424.DOCS (3627).

For hospital departments or physician practices, please visit Services or see below for contact information.

For customer service needs, please call 276.236.1655.

For general inquiries, please email

Please note: email messages are typcially monitored during normal business hours. For assistance any time, please feel free to call the main hospital phone number at 276.236.8181 to be directed as needed or please see below for addtional contact information. Thank you.


Phone: 276.236.1640

Behavioral Health (Inpatient)

Phone: 276.236.1700

Behavioral Health (Outpatient)

Phone: 276.236.0179

Cardiac Rehabilitation/Cardio Direct

Phone: 276.236.1763

Customer Service

Phone: 276.236.1655

Diabetes Education

Phone: 276.238.1211

Diagnostic Imaging/Radiology

Phone: 276.236.1680

Direct Admissions

Phone: 276.238.7783

Discharge Planning

Phone: 276.236.1647

Emergency Department

Phone: 276.236.8181

Growth & Outreach

Phone: 276.236.1652

Gift Shop

Phone: 276.236.1646

Hospitalist Services

Phone: 276.238.7783 or 276.236.1648

Human Resources

Phone: 276.236.1645

Intensive Care Unit

Phone: 276.236.1701

Lab/Lab Direct Testing

Phone: 276.236.1690

Marketing/Community Relations

Phone: 276.236.1654

Medical Records

New Location: 

104 Doctors Park
Galax, VA 24333

Phone: 276.236.1775
Fax: 276.236.1724 

Nutritional Services

Phone: 276.236.1686

Occupational Health/WorkPoint Wellness

Phone: 276.238.3527 or 276.236.1652

Patient Accounting - Hospital

New Location: 

200 Hospital Drive, Ground Floor
Galax, VA 24333

Phone: 276.238.2534 - Dates of Service Prior to 4/1/19

Phone: 833.323.0832 - Dates of Service Beginning 4/1/19

Patient Accounting - Practices

New Location: 

104 Doctors Park
Galax, VA 24333

Phone: 276.236.0065
Fax: 276.236.8780

Physician Referral Line

Phone: 276.236.TCRH (8274) or 800.424.DOCS (3627)

Physician Practices

Phone: 276.236.TCRH (8274) 

Professional Recruitment

Phone: 276.236.1789

Rehabilitative Services

Phone: 276.236.1675

Sleep Medicine

Phone: 276.236.1756

Speakers Bureau

Phone: 276.236.1652

Support Groups

Phone: 276.236.1654

Volunteer Services

Phone: 276.236.1636

Women's Health & Birthing Center

Phone: 276.236.1704

WorkPoint Wellness

Phone: 276.238.3527 or 276.236.1652