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Phone Directory

Main Phone Number: 276.236.8181 • Toll Free: 800.295.3342

Have a general inquiry and not sure who to contact? Send us an emailFor urgent medical matters, please call your doctor's office or call 911. For non-urgent medical matters, please visit Twin County Physician Practices Patient Portal or Twin County Regional Hospital Patient Portal


Phone: 276.236.1640

Behavioral Health (Inpatient)

Phone: 276.236.1700

Behavioral Health (Outpatient)

Phone: 276.236.0179

Blood Drive

Phone: 276.236.1690

Business Development

Phone: 276.236.1652

Cardiac Rehabilitation/Cardio Direct

Phone: 276.236.1763

Customer Service

Phone: 276.236.1655

Diabetes Education

Phone: 276.238.1211

Diagnostic Imaging/Radiology

Phone: 276.236.1680

Direct Admissions

Phone: 276.238.7783

Discharge Planning

Phone: 276.236.1647

Emergency Department

Phone: 276.236.8181

Gift Shop

Phone: 276.236.1646

Heartburn Care

Phone: 276.238.3500 

Hospitalist Services

Phone: 276.238.7783 or 276.236.1648

Human Resources

Phone: 276.236.1645

Intensive Care Unit

Phone: 276.236.1701

Lab/Lab Direct Testing

Phone: 276.236.1690

Marketing/Community Relations

Phone: 276.236.1654

Medical Records

New Location: The Twin County Regional Healthcare Medical Records Department has moved to the lower level of the Willow Place Shopping Center at:

974 E. Stuart Dr., Ste. H
Galax, VA 24333

Phone: 276.236.1775
Fax: 276.236.1724 

Nutritional Services

Phone: 276.236.1686

Occupational Health/WorkPoint Wellness

Phone: 276.238.3527 or 276.236.1652

Patient Accounting - Hospital

Phone: 276.238.3546

Patient Accounting - Practices

Phone: 276.236.0065

Physician Referral Line

Phone: 276.236.TCRH (8274) or 800.424.DOCS (3627)

Professional Recruitment

Phone: 276.238.3568

Rehabilitative Services

Phone: 276.236.1675

Sleep Medicine

Phone: 276.236.1756

Speakers Bureau

Phone: 276.236.1652

Support Groups

Phone: 276.236.1654

Volunteer Services

Phone: 276.236.1636

Wellness Center

Phone: 276.236.5931

Women's Health & Birthing Center

Phone: 276.236.1704

WorkPoint Wellness

Phone: 276.238.3527 or 276.236.1652