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Low-Dose CT Lung Scan

A Low-Dose CT Lung Cancer Screening Could Save Your Life!

If you are a smoker or former smoker aged 55 or over, our low-dose CT lung scan could be a lifesaver. Lung cancer often displays obvious symptoms until it reaches an advanced stage. This simple screening can detect lung cancer early when treatment is most effective. Ask your doctor if a low-dose CT lung scan is right for you.

How Do I Decide If I Should Be Screened?

Low-dose CT screenings provide earlier detection when lung cancer is most treatable.

Discuss your medical history, the risks of screening and benefits with your doctor. To be covered by Medicare, you must visit your doctor and have an order.

Is This Screening Covered By My Insurance?

Your insurance may or may not cover the cost of a low-dose CT screening for detection of early-stage lung cancer. This screening is covered by Medicare when ordered by your doctor after a lung cancer screening counseling appointment.

What You Can Do

  • If you are a smoker, start a plan to quit. We can help!
  • Make your home and work environment smoke-free.
  • Be aware of occupational exposures.
  • If you are still smoking, talk to your physician about ways to help you quit.