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Direct Access Testing - An Option in Healthcare

What is Direct Access Testing?

Direct Access Testing is a laboratory service that allows an individual to order tests based on their health concerns. It is convenient, affordable and fits into your busy lifestyle.

Medicare patients may find this service beneficial, since many annual screening tests are not covered or may not be paid because of frequency limits.

How does Direct Access Testing work?

  • You order lab tests based on your health concerns 
  • No doctor's order or appt. is necessary 
  • Payment is required at time of service 
  • There are no bills or insurance claims 
  • Follows all HIPAA guidelines regarding patient confidentiality

Important Note:

Test procedures are a screening tool and not designed to diagnose or predict illness. It is the patient's responsibility to initiate medical follow-up to confirm test results.

Who Performs the Testing?

Testing is performed by your local laboratory, located in Twin County Regional Hospital. LabDirect is licensed and accredited by federal and regulatory agencies, ensuring accurate, precise results. Test results can be mailed directly to you and/or sent to the physician of your choice.. However, if you are not feeling well, Twin County Regional Healthcare and LabDirect recommends that you see your physician.

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Direct Access Testing - An Option in Healthcare

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