Ultrasound/ Echocardiography


We are located on the first floor between the Emergency Department and Lab. Drive around past the ED entrance and turn Right into the Diagnostic Imaging parking lot. There is an Outpatient Diagnostic Imaging entrance that will bring you directly into the Registration area.

Hours of Operation

Ultrasound procedures and Echocardiograms are performed Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 4:30pm.

Procedure Information

A physician's order is REQUIRED for your Ultrasound/Echo to be performed.

Ultrasound uses sound waves to produce images of the body.

Echocardiography uses sound waves to image the heart.

Certain procedures performed in Ultrasound, such as Biopsies or drainages also need to be scheduled with Outpatient Surgery. If you are unsure, please ask at the time of scheduling.

The following are common Ultrasound procedures and their preps:

No Prep:

  • Carotid Doppler 
  • Venous Doppler 
  • Thyroid 
  • Testicle (Scrotum) 
  • Echocardiogram 
  • Breast 
  • Biopsy 
  • Thoracentesis 
  • Arterial Doppler 
  • Spinal Canal 
  • Amniocentesis 
  • Peritocentesis 
  • Cyst Aspiration 
  • Extremity Non-Vascular 
  • Percataneous drainage/Catheter placement 
  • Placenta Localization 
  • Pleural Effusion 
  • Prostate Scan 
  • Trans Vaginal Scan

Nothing To Eat or Drink After Midnight:

  • Abdominal complete or limited 
  • Renal (Kidneys) 
  • Right Upper Quadrant 
  • Gallbladder 
  • Aorta 
  • Spleen 
  • Liver

Full Bladder:

  • Pelvis 
  • Pregnancy 
  • Bladder Scan 
  • Biophysical Profile 
  • Pregnancy for Position

For additional information, please feel free to contact Diagnostic Imaging by phone 276.236.1680 or email.

Diagnostic Imaging/Radiology Services at TCRH