Mobile PET/CT Services


The unit will be located on the mobile pad behind Twin County Regional Hospital, 200 Hospital Drive, Galax, VA 24333. 

Hours of Operation

These services are provided by Alliance Imaging on a mobile unit beginning November 21, 2006 and will be available every other Tuesday thereafter between the hours of 8:00am and 12:00pm.

Procedure Information

Positron Emission Tomography or PET imaging offers physicians a unique picture of the body's organs and tissues because it records function by showing metabolism at a molecular level. A physician's order is required for PET/CT services.

This is achieved by the injection of glucose tagged with a low-level of radioactivity, which is drawn to the body's organs. A device called a scanner then makes an image of the metabolic activity of the organ. A CT scan is also acquired to provide the anatomical mapping necessary for localization of the metabolic activity.

The PET scan and the CT scan are then merged together to provide accurately aligned anatomical and functional images of a patient, allowing functional abnormalities to be localized and distinguished from normal uptake of the PET tracer, which increases physician confidence in arriving at a correct diagnosis.

For additional information, please feel free to contact Diagnostic Imaging by phone or email.

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