Hospitalist Services

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If your illness or condition requires that you be hospitalized, your family doctor may refer you to a hospitalist. Just as your doctor practices in an office setting, a hospitalist is a medical doctor who practices only in the hospital.

Hospitalists are Internal Medicine specialists and are highly qualified physicians. Some have additional training in subspecialty areas of medicine such as pulmonology and cardiology. Because these doctors only practice in the hospital; they are well versed in the systems and procedures of the hospital. They have become experts in managing inpatient care. The hospitalist can adjust treatment, follow up with you throughout the day, and is available to answer questions for you.

During your stay, the hospitalist will keep your family doctor informed of your course of treatment. Your doctor will be involved in major treatment decisions. When you are ready to go home, your hospitalist and family doctor will review your treatment and discuss your follow-up needs. Once you leave the hospital, you will return to the care of your family doctor.

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