Twin County Regional Hospital Unveils Multi-Million Dollar Interior Renovation Plan

September 23, 2015

Twin County Regional Hospital, an affiliate of Duke LifePoint Healthcare, has  announced a $4.4 million interior renovation plan that will enhance the hospital’s ability to provide quality care close to home for the Twin County community and surrounding areas. This renovation will improve patient access to healthcare services, modernize the facility and enhance the overall patient experience at the hospital.

Planned enhancements include fresh paint and new flooring to the main entry areas, major corridors and patient rooms, as well as updated furnishings.  With a focus on enhancing the patient experience, all patient rooms will benefit from better utilization of space and enhanced lighting, as well as modern decor.  

“This is an exciting time for Twin County Regional Hospital and our community,” said Jon Applebaum, chief executive officer of Twin County Regional Hospital. “This renovation project will allow us to address some needed upgrades and create a more comfortable and welcoming environment for our patients, employees, physicians and volunteers.”

Twin County Regional Hospital was built by one of the largest and most successful community initiatives in 1973.  In 1997, the footprint expanded with an outpatient wing.  Aside from minor repair work over the years, much of the original interior remains.  

“These capital investments are a way to pay it forward for the community who came together to build our hospital,” remarked Applebaum.  “The facility, equipment and technology upgrades represent the many stakeholders who define our community hospital – the patients we serve, our Twin County Regional Hospital team, and our medical staff who routinely deliver high-quality care.” 

The interior renovations will begin in early October, with an estimated completion timeline of 18 months.  This project will occur in phases to ensure continuous, uninterrupted patient care.

Twin County Regional Hospital has been part of Duke LifePoint Healthcare, a joint venture between Duke University Health System and LifePoint Health, since 2012. Since then, Duke LifePoint and Twin County Regional Hospital invested more than $12.3 million in facility and technology improvements, including a new magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) unit with metal reduction software to serve patients who have metal in their bodies, a new 64-slice CT scanner; a new digital mammography unit and, new information technology including a video endoscopy system and new nurse call system for the medical/surgical unit for enhanced patient response. 

About Twin County Regional Healthcare   
Twin County Regional Hospital (TCRH) is the flagship of the Twin County Regional Healthcare delivery system, a Duke LifePoint Healthcare affiliate.  The hospital is located in Galax, Virginia, the center of the Twin Counties of Grayson and Carroll Counties in Southwest Virginia.  Centered on the mission “to promote, preserve and restore the health of our community,” emphasizing excellent service, safety, quality and efficiency, Twin County Regional Hospital has been the anchor and the region’s healthcare leader for more than 40 years.  For additional information, please visit or find TCRH on Facebook.

About Duke LifePoint 
Duke LifePoint Healthcare, a joint venture of Duke University Health System and LifePoint Health, was established to build a dynamic network of hospitals and health care providers. The joint venture, which brings together LifePoint's experience in community-based hospital management and Duke's world-renowned leadership in clinical service, is strengthening and improving health care delivery by providing community hospitals the clinical, quality and operational resources they need to grow and prosper. For additional information, visit