Twin County Regional Healthcare Receives Vaccine for Frontline Workers

December 22, 2020

Twin County Regional Healthcare has received an initial allocation of COVID-19 vaccines and are in the process of distributing them in accordance with

Dr. Panid Borhanjoo, Hospitalist 
First to receive vaccine

prioritization guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the federal government and Virginia Department of Health. Vaccine administration has begun with our frontline workers and physicians. We have administered 264 vaccines to date.

Dr. Borhanjoo, hospitalist at TCRH, volunteered to be the first to receive the vaccine. "We have fought this battle for almost a year and have lost 300+ thousand innocent lives to this deadly virus. It is time for each of us to set the example, trust science and come together with a goal of vaccinating the entire community,” said Dr. Borhanjoo. 

“The vaccine allotment is not available for the public at this time, but, once the vaccine becomes more broadly available, we will strongly encourage our community to get vaccinated,” said Gregory Pearson, CEO. “Twin County Regional Healthcare is pleased to be taking this next exciting step toward ending the pandemic and advancing our mission of Making Communities Healthier.”