TCRH Clarifies Survey Texts and “Caller ID Spoofing”

March 30, 2018

Twin County Regional Healthcare is experiencing a number of questions from the community about two separate issues – text surveys from HealthStream about patient experiences and a “caller ID spoofing” scam that is inappropriately using the hospital’s name. You may have received one or both of these, and we wanted to clarify for you what is happening.

The HealthStream phone, text and email surveys are a standard part of Twin County Regional Healthcare’s patient follow-up and unrelated to the “caller ID spoofing.” Previous reports on this issue were inaccurate, and Twin County Regional Healthcare has verified the legitimacy of the surveys, which are intended to get feedback on overall patient experiences. Importantly, these surveys never ask for personal confidential or financial information of any kind. 

“Caller ID spoofing” is a type of scam that involves a third party making it appear as though a call is coming from a particular entity – in this case, the hospital. It has been reported that individuals are being asked to verify personal information. It may not be apparent right away that the call is “spoofed,” so be careful about providing personal information over the phone. Twin County Regional Healthcare contacts its patients by phone, direct mail, via texts or emails through its secure patient portals – My HealthPoint (for the hospital) and Twin County Physician Practices Patient Portal (for the physician practices). Any voice, text or email messages from Twin County Regional Healthcare are very specific, such as appointment reminders or patient follow-up calls.

The hospital has reported this “caller ID spoofing” scam to the appropriate authorities, and we are working with them to get this resolved as quickly as possible. In the meantime, individuals who are recipients of these spoofed calls do not need to contact the hospital for follow-up unless you wish to verify the caller before providing any information. You can ask for the caller’s name as well as department, and then dial Twin County Regional Healthcare directly at 276.236.8181 and request to speak to that individual and/or department.

We hope this helps clarify these issues for the community.