Volunteers at Twin County Regional Healthcare

Connecting with the community


Thoughtful committed citizens continue to change our world, one activity at a time. The Twin County area is blessed with loyal, productive volunteers who staff our rescue squads and fire departments and champion many other worthy causes.

Volunteers at Twin County Regional Healthcare come in a variety of ages and do a little bit of everything. The most obvious duties include assisting visitors at the desks in the lobbies and delivering cards and flowers - very valuable services for hospital patients and visitors. Other volunteers, like chaplains, may be less visible, but are just as vital.

Regardless of where in the organization a person chooses to volunteer, the motivation is much the same. For these people, volunteering is the key to a healthy, fulfilling and meaningful life. They agree that the returns are greater than the investment. Volunteering is often their connection to the community around them. For teens and adolescents, volunteering builds a sense of self-worth and social responsibility.

Through volunteering, we learn compassion, tolerance and hopefully, a sense of duty to respond when people are in need.

Interested in becoming a volunteer?


Complete the forms and mail them to:

Volunteer Services
Twin County Regional Healthcare
200 Hospital Drive
Galax, VA 24333

276.236.1715 fax