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The Story of Twin County Regional Healthcare

All Good Stories Have a Great Beginning...
Many years ago, the people of the Twin Counties saw a need for modern healthcare services. It was those very people who accepted the challenge and organized the building of Twin County Regional Hospital (TCRH).

They didn't call a corporation; they didn't ask anyone else to put a hospital here. They organized committees, raised funds and built our own community hospital. Twin County Regional Hospital is one of the most successful joint ventures ever undertaken by the citizens of Carroll County, the city of Galax and Grayson County.

As the cornerstone of Twin County Regional Healthcare, we haven't forgotten "where we came from." Our community needed us. Our community put us here. 

Ours is a story about people...
Because when all is said and done, what really matters is people; our family; our friends and neighbors. Think how empty life would be without them. TCRH understands the value we have in one another's lives. We are here to protect and promote the soundness of your body, mind and spirit. In illness and injury, we are here to comfort and care as family, friends and neighbors care for one another.

It's a story about vision...
Our vision goes beyond healing the sick and comforting the dying. TCRH and its physicians have a new vision - to provide a source that can lead you to emotional, spiritual and physical well being. You can look to us for the information and guidance you need to achieve the well-being you seek.

It's a story about commitment...
It seems that commitment is hard to find in this day and time. Yet for over forty years, we have been here for you. Our hospital doors are always open and you don't have to look far to see us at work in our community. A doctor's office close to you, nursing care for patients in the home, information for a healthy lifestyle: we are here to promote your good health throughout your life.

Twin County Regional Healthcare... Where People Care